Saturday, January 01, 2005

Be It Resolved

Have I made it clear on this blog that I'm not a fan of the holiday season or have I only been grumbling in the comments sections of other blogs?

Anyway, to continue with my dim view of the holiday season, I roundly reject the idea of the New Year's Resolution. Why? I think its arbitrary to set aside one day as the start date for any hopes or plans of improvement one has. I also feel it sets you up for failure -- opps! blew that New Year's Resolution, oh well, I'll just give up on that effort. A resolution can be made at any time, broken at any time, reconsidered at any time, and renewed at any time. The idea of one day on which to put all the pressure of a list of resolutions on oneself seems destined to failure, worse, it seems like a self-destructive urge under the guise of a self-improvement plan.

Over on Graceful Presence, Akilesh posted Coming and Going, which speaks of spiritual awareness, mindfulness, but which I see as applying to everything we undertake. Akilesh says, "Everyone does this. Give yourself a break. Everyone loses it, and discovers it again. We lose it and rediscover it. Of course it doesn't go anywhere." The subject is awareness but it could be taking care of oneself, eating right, exercising, being patient with your children.... Your abilities and effort come and go, you lose it and rediscover it. A resolution feels to me like shackles, acceptance and understanding feel like freedom and growth will result.

Happy New Year.

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Larry said...

Here's my slant on the holidays-- all holidays in fact. They are a means of engaging in tribalistic activity. We all do this at such and such a time. Not me. I prefer Christmas in July. Anything to distance myself from the tribe and preserve my hard won individuality.

Of course it may be just an egocentric eccentricity. God only knows!