Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Feel Like I'm a Slug

(you should hear the music of Bad Company playing to this title)
Its the post holidays blahs, probably Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I feel bloated and bleak. Days of eating rich foods and lots of cookies are catching up with me. The scale was kind, I'm still in my normal range, but it feels like its time to get back on track. This purpose of this post is really just to encourage myself, but I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions.

I need to get back into my exercise routine. I do exercise videotapes in the morning. It used to be every morning but lately its dropped from 3 times a week to twice a week. I love my Pilates tape, I think its done more to shape and strengthen me than any of the weight workouts and tapes I've used over the past decade or more. I'd really love to start a walking program but it seems too logistically difficult for me. Right now I'm pretty satisfied with dancing around the living room.

I think I may need to revamp my 'nutritional program' i.e. what I eat. Generally, I'm pretty healthy, but I have slips. I find its easy to regulate my weight when I stick to my tried and true lunch -- 8 oz cup of lowfat yogurt and rice cake with a slice of processed cheese food. It usually fills me up, especially since I'm constantly interrupted by the kids. It usually requires me to eat some sort of snack in the afternoon, but thats okay. I think its probably better for me to eat several times a day -- I'm figuring I'm pre-diabetic though I have not been diagnosed such and my blood tests have always put me in the normal range. Both sides of my family have adult onset diabetes and if I eat too much sugar I get shaky (and have a strong urge to eat protein). Maybe everyone is like this, but I wonder if my body doesn't regulate sugar well. Who knows, but it seems harmless for me to take steps to avoid this fate. My mother (who is not diabetic) also wonders if there is a diabetic personality as her brother and my father who both have adult onset diabetes are a bit volatile. Since I am also that way, it seems I should work on curtailing this trait.

Anyway, I babble, but I'm basically trolling for comments here...

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