Thursday, December 23, 2004

My New House

I've mentioned before that we are house-hunting. We aren't in a rush because we're fine in our current house, but it would be nice to have a bit more room and a better layout.

Our house is an unusual split level with the entrance on the living room level -- and thats all that is on that level, the living room. Upstairs from there are the bedrooms. Downstairs from the living room is an oversized walk-through dining room that leads to the kitchen (which has an eat-in area with a table). No hallway, just right into the dining room. Downstairs from there is a quarter-sized basement and a utility/workroom. Small but cozy.

Well, the dining room was driving me out of my mind, a huge room ringed with toys with a large table smack-dab in the middle, half of which was used for whatever junk I was putting on it. Of course it was a playroom, but we also ate dinner there. Well, as I was considering that the house would probably show better as a family room than as a dining room, it occurred to me that I'd rather live with it as a family room than as a dining room. So, we changed the light fixture, moved the table out and a couch in. Voila! A large, sunny, delightful family room. I am well pleased. I love my new house -- but we're still looking...


Anne Zelenka said...

What a great idea! I wish we could come over and hang out in your new family room.

Let me know if you see anything interesting on the market; I'm always curious about such doings.

Marjorie said...

Me, too.