Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hooked on Crochet

Wow, I haven't written in awhile, eh?

I have previously tried crochet, only to fail or lose interest. Well, I must have finally found a simple enough pattern for something worth crocheting and it all clicked. I made the Little Ditty Bag for my tape recorder (I use it to tape record my voice lessons. Yes, I am finally owning up to taking voice lessons. La la la la -- here that? It's on pitch and I had breath support for it, baby). Anyway, my poor little tape recorder was getting bumped around something fierce, so when I saw this little purse, which strikes me as too little to be much use to me, I thought it was just the thing. Did I mention it was easy? Very easy. Pretty much all single crochet with some increasing. I love it.

I've been pretty much trolling for simple crochet patterns and making stuff. Some are successes

others, less so

There's a weekend I won't get back. It didn't fit and I decided I liked the yarn too much for a hat that didn't fit.

what's wrong with the doll's hat? you ask. Let's just say that it was not supposed to be a doll's hat. And the back looks like Frankenhat.

Anyway, most of my on-line time has been spent on Ravelry.