Friday, February 15, 2008

The Urge to Hook

blogging the lazy way -- cut out passages of emails to friends and post them.

So I turned to the hook -- it's probably just a passing fancy. I wanted to make Suzanne a hair scrunchie for the St. Patrick's day parade and thought I'd use the goddawful acrylic I bought to make myself a St. Patty's day spiral scarf (I'm so sick of spiral scarves. I was going to crochet this one, but then I went to the ER with hives and thought I'll just do mindless knitting while there and was able to start it and do about half of it. I'll crochet on the fun fur edging).

The scrunchie turned out okay, except I somehow twisted it -- but it's going to be twisted in her hair, so who cares? Got the pattern from Kids Can Do It Crocheting. When I get bold, I'll add the beads. Something very exciting about crocheting, all that twisting. And my knitting has helped me get a feel for working with yarn and identifying stitches. I think knitting will always be my first love, though. I don't really like the way crochet looks, especially not in clothes, which is what I like to make.

Though I may get crazy with the scrunchies for awhile.

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