Friday, November 17, 2006

Misogyny in Candyland

This has bothered me for awhile. We are the happy owners of two versions of Candyland and a while ago I noticed a discrepancy between the versions. In the first version we received, there were characters Princess Lolly and Queen Frostine, in addition to King Kandy, Lord Licorice, the Professor and Mary-Ann...whatever.

Well, in the newer version we received, there have been strange political changes. Lolly has been stripped of her princessness and Queen Frostine has been demoted to Princess. So whats the deal? She was one married to King Kandy and now is his daughter? What kind of sick-reversed-Oedipal-twist is that? Maybe its so the line "hey, little girl, want some candy?" works better.

I must admit, I haven't noticed any change in the men. And Grandma Nutt looks goofy as always. So whats the deal? Women are only young and nubile or old and senile, but never equal in power to men?

I think Chess is a better game for my girls. While the King is the most important player, the Queen is the most powerful.