Monday, November 08, 2010

well, that sort of worked

Yay! I added a gadget to my page - see that spiffy Ravelry logo on the upper right? Nice, huh? Not sure about the criss-cross tools. They got up there on my first attempt, which didn't work. Once I got the gadget on there, they remain. I suppose if I cared, I could try to take them off.

What I do like about the tools is that they remind me of the part in the movie Pink Floyd, the Wall, where the hammers go marching by. I think it's hammers. Well, this is my own little piece of the Wall right here and I am partial to the lyric "we don't need no education." Though, really, Pink, it should be "we don't need no institutionalization." Education isn't the problem. But I guess his point was about institutionalized education. Not the visionary of a Holt or a Gatto, but still good music.