Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Light in the Darkness

I've been feeling cranky recently about the crassness of Christmas and my DSL Hell, but I am so lifted by everyone's helpful comments and suggestions. Thank you all -- just knowing that someone is out there listening and willing to offer help and/or support makes a big difference to me. It restores my faith in people.

My DH is on the task of figuring out the new set-up. Right now, I'm busy trying to learn legislative monitoring -- its fun and interesting and exciting, but its about all my brain can handle which is why I'm moaning about my e-mail problems and not rolling up my sleeves and figuring it out. That and internet shopping -- I refuse to go to the malls, I don't even want to be out on the streets. Its ironic in this season of 'good will towards men' , but nothing makes me hate my fellow man more than driving around the crowded, crazy streets filled with people and cars in a holiday stress frenzy. I'd rather be a hermit and read the comments on my blog! I must confess that I did go to the mall once, for the Clinique bonus gift at Lord and Taylor (awesome lipstick colors and I'm loving this thick, rich body butter lotion -- heavy but not greasy). Anyway....where was I? Yes, ranting about commercialization and consumerism (buy Clinique). Ha, its like a pop-up.

I've been feeling like my struggles with the internet are a parable for my life. My children are like pop-ups, I'll be cruising along with a task or on the phone, and up they pop, demanding my attention and often, the phone. No, sweetie, you can't talk on the phone its not your Daddy its our new young priest (don't want to get the poor guy de-frocked before he's even ordained).

Anyway, I was feeling really stressed the other day, wondering if Paxil might be in my near future, when I figured out that just keeping AOL for a couple of months might alleviate some of that stress, so I'm still on the AOL accounts and will be for a couple of months. The msn and verizon accounts are also active, I just don't have the patience to open them.


Larry said...

Re Christmas Shopping: Reminded me to something that happened to me ca 1986. In the middle of the rush I had occasion to go to Bailey's Crossroads for some purchase. The parking lot was jamed. As I wandered around, I saw a woman walking to her car; I trailed her.

She came to her car in the file on my right, and I waited for her to back out. Then I scooted in like a shot.

As I was locking the car a big galoot (he must have been a Redskin player) came and grabbed me by the lapels, practically lifting me off the ground. I made no resistance.

"Don't you know I was waiting for that slot", he said, "that was MY SLOT". I said nothing, just looked at him like the rabbit looked at the fox.

"Aw, it's not worth it, you old fool", he said, and made off.

I never went to that mall again. Luckily we soon left the area for good. It sounds funny now, but it was dead serious at the time.

Don't venture out, if you can help it.


Marjorie said...

How terrifying! I'm glad he backed off. There is a lot of talk about youth gangs these days and thats one of the areas of concern...

clanlally said...

"thick, rich body butter lotion" and THAT sounds like Christmas!


Sorry....I couldnt resist.

Marjorie said...

They could package it together and put a tag on it "softening mind and body."