Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Locked in a Battle of Good and Evil

Its happened, the hard-core porn pictures are now popping up in some of the ads. We've put various shields and defenses on the computer and are constantly working on adding new ones. Apparently, the dark forces have also stepped up their battles. My DH told me a few days ago there was a bare-breast ad when he was about to shut the computer down at night. I thought, well, its nighttime, so maybe there is some sort of decency to this nastiness. Nope, its 9am and there is porn popping up (I don't know, is it porn, looks like stuff from Penthouse. Is Penthouse porn?). Porn doesn't freak me out, when I was interning at a prosecutor's office, there was a computer seized by the feds and we got to see the kinds of stuff that fall below 'contemporary community standards,' really sad, pathetic stuff, not exciting, not erotic. Makes you wonder about the people in it -- how poor, abused, drugged are these poor pathetic souls who are photographed in sexual acts with animals (below community standards, remember)? Sad.

Usually, I see the ad header on the bottom of my screen and I can just right click it and close it without it opening.

No, now its popping up and I can't close it. These girls look like they could be in junior high. I'm telling you, this is how a Republican president gets re-elected. People are sick of this and they are looking to blame someone. It gets all twisted somehow. Porn on the computer leads to outrage about gay marriage. Improbable? Unfortunately not. People like me don't pay much attention to politics. We're not interested, we figure they are all liars anyway, we just want to be left alone to live and love and blog. Porn starts popping up on our computer, in our home, and we wonder what happened to values, to decency. Well, we all know how the reds rode values to victory.

Now, where can I get Japanese steel?

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