Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Its Beginning to Look at lot like Christmas

We're having our first snowfall of the season, I believe (we have have had brief flurries but no accumulation). My eldest is asking for her snowpants and dying to get outside. I am not a fan of winter or the cold, but if its going to be both, we might as well have some snow. Of course, in our neck of the woods, lots of people freak out when it snows -- have they called for early school closings yet? I just hope this doesn't mean we have to reschedule our dishwasher repair.

Gotta go get suited up for the snow so we can run around for 5 minutes, get cold, come inside, peel off our wet clothes, change into dry clothes and drink hot chocolate. Maybe we can read some books about snow -- The Big Snow, The Snowy Day, Katy and the Big Snow, Winter Days in the Big Woods, Sugar Snow, and Winter on the Farm, I hope I can find them.

Just another day in paradise.

UPDATE: Didn't make it through all the books, but did read a few. Kudos to the 2-year-old who actually sat through one next to me and who didn't yell while I read the others (a vast improvement over her ususal behavior). Couldn't find Sugar Snow, but we read Sugar on Snow, an excellent book about how Maple syrup is made. We're looking forward to attending a syrup boil-down in February at a local park.


Anne Zelenka said...

Anna asked me today, "are we going to be in Hawaii when it's snow-time?" I told her it was already "snow-time" in Virginia and here we are. I got an email message from the old school system saying they were starting late yesterday due to extremely cold temperatures. I miss the snow, but not the extreme cold.

That syrup boil-down sounds really interesting. You'll have to blog it.

Marjorie said...

I love the world of the internet -- you've moved to a completely different life, but still get the e-mails on school closings thousands of miles away. You probably are still getting notices of church potlucks -- maybe we'll see you Sunday!

The syrup boil-down should be fun, but I'd be amenable to visiting a pineapple grove ;-)

I really don't like winter. It took a long time to get bundled up and hunt for mittens (why do they always get lost only to be found months later when you don't need them?) Gabrielle HATED the snow, tears and crying, while Suzanne frolicked along making snow angels. We all enjoyed the hot chocolate, though.