Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sugartime -- Not So Sweet

I recently mentioned some books about making maple syrup. Well, a PBS show, Postcards from Buster, has done an episode on just that. Only I won't get to see it because folded within the episode are a couple of families headed by gay women. Read about it here. The station decided not to air the episode because of potential controversy over the alternative families. This was followed by a letter from the Secretary of Education expressing concern.

From my understanding of the show, which I've seen parts of before, the family is a brief background while the story is about the kids and what they are doing -- in this episode its making maple syrup and cheese. I have an easy solution to save this episode -- instead of introducing the women as both being mommies, simply introduce one as a mommy and say the other is a nanny. No kid around here would bat an eyelash.

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david said...

It is sad that an educational story about making maple syrup would get hit by this kind of politics.

Its even sadder that a Secretary of Education should try and score political points by contributing to censorship of an educational television network.