Friday, January 14, 2005

More on Gay Marriage

Elizabeth at Half-Changed World offered a couple of links to bills in the comments section of my post on No Gay Marriage in Virginia and I wanted to thank her for that. A caveat about this blog, I'm only following the issue out of curiousity and my searches (obviously) aren't thorough. So if you're reading my posts on this issue for a comprehensive review, you'll fall very short. I'm new to legislative monitoring and following politics generally, but I'm awed at the effect that blogging can have -- one bill will be modified as a result of bloggers and their readers. Definitely check Elizabeth's and Maura's blogs for their insights and research.

There is an article in today's Washington Post talking about why some are seeking an amendment to the Virginia Constitution to ban gay marriage -- basically to take it away from state judicial review. Another article discusses the process by which an amendment becomes ratified. If this resolution goes through, it won't show up on the ballot until 2006.

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