Saturday, January 15, 2005

Photo of the Unclimber

birds don't climb, they fly

...well, unless they are flightless birds -- but then they still don't climb, they walk, maybe even run in a sort of waddling way... Oh, nevermind.

TECH SUPPORT: Okay, what I'm really trying to do is make this picture my profile picture. I've gotten as far as pasting the URL into my profile only to be stopped and told that the image must be 50k or less. Personally, I think I'm worth more, but its been a few years since I've been in the workforce. Anyway, how do I reduce the size of the picture so I can do this? Its not clear from Hello and help from Hello is not working on AOL, its too big or something. Why does it always come down to size? Size doesn't matter, but apparently, it can be too big. Who knew?

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JulieB said...

Hey Marjorie,
I confess to not knowing much more than you do. Altho I had the same problem. Jeremy over at:
set up my blog for me. To get my picture in the profile he used something called photobucket, but I'm not sure how to do it myself. Otherwise all my pics from Hello post to the site itself, which, for now is OK.
There you have it from one as confused as you. If you ask though, he's very nice about helping.