Friday, March 25, 2005

Writing Milestone

I've eased up on the learning logs figuring that they could be obnoxious. I'm keeping my own log on computer, but perhaps I need to re-think that -- if my computer dies, I like the idea of another copy floating around on the internet. Hmmm...big issues for another day.

What I want to do now is record a milestone -- Suzanne printed her name for the first time (that I'm aware). I'm really pleased because I have not 'worked on' writing with her at all. I've even debated whether I should correct her "pencil grip" (she doesn't use pencils, but you know what I mean). I decided not to correct her grip, I don't know what grip she used to write her name. Anyway, I'm just very happy to see that she's moving right along and I have additional evidence to support my unschooling approach -- not to argue it to anyone, just to know its working. This is a very big deal, as I am prone to UPAs (unschooler panic attacks) which get a bit worse as the Fall approaches when we will become official homeschoolers by notifying the state that we will be homeschooling Kindergarten.


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