Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Buddhist Humor...

...from a Quaker listserv

A Zen Buddhist opened up a hot-dog stand and his first customer paid with a 20 dollar bill.

After waiting, the customer demanded, "Where's my change?"

"Sir," replied the Buddhist, "change must come from within."

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david said...

How many Quakers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

First it will have to be put on the agenda for business meeting. This os actually quite easy -- but getting it to the floor could be difficult in a busy meeting. Perhaps it will get laid over until next month. Of course if consideration of the social issues gets too heated someone may call for a moment of silent worship to soothe raw nerves. Changing the light bult implies participating in the violence done to the environmet by electricity generated by the burning of coal. Seven months later the decision will finally be made to change that lightbulb -- but only after letters of concern have been drafted, signed by the Clerk and issued to local, state and federal authorities. The amtter may also be referred to Yearly Meeting.

Long before any of this happens some quite yet practical person on House and Premises Committee will change the lightbulb.