Monday, March 14, 2005

By the Pricking of My Thumbs...

...something wicked this way comes....

I think I'm infected -- the computer must have something. It stopped doing the screen saver and just goes blank when left for awhile. Once I move the cursor, it takes too long for the screen to pop up, AND I get notified that my virus software has been turned off, then it indicates its on... Also, a few times now, when the screen has popped up after the screensaver, the computer has been frozen -- cntl+alt+delete didn't work, neither did pushing to power button on the CPU, I had to turn off the power strip to turn off the computer -- now that is just weird.

I think we have a virus or a worm or a Trojan or is it a Spartan? Man, you just can't break through the phalanx (I've always thought that phlanx would make an awesome name for a condom. Really, why "Trojan"? The Trojans were stupid enough to let the horse in and the Greeks broke down the walls and Troy fell, devastated, they were defeated -- what a marketing coop that people actually buy that brand. It doesn't make sense -- whether Trojan refers to the task the product is supposed to accomplish or the victory over the female's resistance, in which case, it should be Trojan Horse. I'm sure there are some males out there who would not mind the word "Horse" in the name of the product. What about Cyclops, the one-eyed giant? Guess this is why I never went into marketing. I digress).

The CPU also seems to make an ominous clicking sound, but maybe I'm getting nutty.

I've run McAfee anti-virus, but isn't it supposed to be continuously running? So far, all its cleaned are some adware and IMI stuff -- would that account for the funkiness going on? We also have some other standard pack that was downloaded with MSN or something. Shouldn't this stuff be stopped before it starts wacking out my computer? We also use SpyBot, but I guess that just kills pop-ups -- we haven't had any since we started using it.

Any hints? But don't get too close, it might be catching!


clanlally said...


Go here:

Run the FreeScan (which I thought used to be called Stinger). Send me an email with what you find.

Then run the My SecurityStatus and send me that info as well.

Are you using floppy disks?

Are you using a broadband connection? DSL? Cable modem?

If so, are you using a firewall? There are two types of firewall - hard and soft (I'll resist any Trojan comments here) - soft firewalls come from Mcaffee and Norton. Hard firewalls are actually pieces of equipment, routers to be exact for the home user, that limit access to your home network.

You're not wireless are you? Please say no.

Lets go from there. :)

spocko said...

Hi. So what's the status of the computer. Based on what you are saying I would guess a Virus or a some spyware.

I agree with Mike, Stinger/Freescan is a good first bet.

I'm just a random blogger who stumbled across your page. You would be surprised how often this stuff happens. I liken a computer to cars when they were first marketed. People had to be a mechanic as well as a operator. The computers of today are better but they still require a lot of maintaince and an alert user to keep them from getting infected and to keep running smoothly.
Good luck!