Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Removing the Mask of Sparky

I originally chose to use the name Sparky because I wanted to be completely anonymous. I thought I might post witty social commentary skewering everything I thought was wrong in my little corner of the world. I decided long ago I couldn't do that and didn't want to. I like the name Sparky, I like being Sparky, but I'm not Sparky. My name is Marjorie and I'll be switching the name on my blog.

In the interest of further disclosure, my daughters are named after angels. My eldest, who is now 4 1/2 years old, is Suzanne, who is named for my mother. My mother is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me and she is a constant source of blessing to me. I hope to be that for my little Suzanne. My 2 year old daughter is named Gabrielle (the Archangel Gabriel being her namesake). The name was chosen because it means God is My Strength.

Oh and if that wasn't mushy enough -- I was told after Sunday School last Sunday that when asked to name a Saint, Suzanne said "my mommy." I asked her why she said me and she said, in a very exasperated tone "Mama, EVERYONE is a saint." Well, she got the lesson right, and its nice that she chose my name. Its humbling, too, makes me want to be a saint for her.

I'd reveal DH's name, but I'll check with him first!

Its nice to meet you all!

UPDATE: blogger is very interesting...I was reading some of my favorite blogs and looking to see if there have been any new comments. On one blog, comments I made days ago were changed to Marjorie. On another, it still said Sparky.


clanlally said...

I dont handle change well. Sparky, Marjorie...15 email addresses. It is hard to keep up! :)

Robert said...

Congrats on coming out of the closet from a Llama very intent on staying in it!

Marjorie said...

Actually, Rob, I'm only as far out as you are. You've always used your first name. Perhaps I'm following your lead!