Wednesday, November 10, 2004

An Old Testament Kind of Day

Not a bad day, just lots of ups and downs...

We had a playdate cancelled because Suzanne's friend was sick. As we pondered what to do with this found time, I spent too much time on the computer while the girls watched TV. At one point, Suzanne came up to me with a video from the library that she wanted to watch, it must have slipped in her hand and crashed onto the hardwood floor. The top part that flips back broke -- hopefully, they can repair it. Why couldn't it have been Bear in the Big Blue House?

We took a walk around the block -- its a long block and a beautiful day. It was pretty nice. The girls played in our yard when we got home and had a nice time. They came indoors and I went out to unlock our fence and to lock up the playhouse in our backyard. I returned to my home and was overwhelmed by the permeating stench of dog poop. I deal with a lot of poop in my life, but dog poop is not something I deal with well. It was on the bottom of Suzanne's shoe (Gabrielle's had just a bit on the tip). Of course, while I was tidying up the yard, Suzanne used the bathroom and walked around the house a bit. I lost it -- I keep a messy house, I'm not proud of that fact but a clean house is not a priority for me, but must it smell like dog sh*t? It was too much for me. Children were stripped of their clothes (I think it only got on Suzanne's socks and maybe her pants, but I wasn't chancing it), there was crying and taking the Lord's name in vain. It was a bad scene. I really didn't take all that long to clean up, luckily, it was so fresh and fragrant, it was easy to zero in on the contaminated areas.

While I had been on hazmat duty, my daughters were playing upstairs. The 2 year-old got into her diaper wipes and had pulled most of them out of the box. That was so easy to fix, but it was another pain. Shortly after, it was time for Gabrielle's nap.

Suzanne and I played cards for awhile, but I was really tired. I always get an allergy attack when the leaves are falling in full force and my throat hurts and I'm losing my voice (screaming about the dog poop didn't help matters). I went to lie on the couch and invited Suzanne to join me. She cuddled up next to me and the next hour was spent going in and out of sleep. Ah, the Promised Land.

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