Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Angry at Life? Angry at God?

Thats what the news says. Not buying it, try "angry at women." Its sick enough to go out and kill people, still sicker to drop your kids off at a school bus stop and go to another school and kill other people's kids -- but to release the boys and kill the girls execution style? This guy wasn't angry at life -- he could have killed the life he helped create instead of putting it on a bus. His anger at God was strangely targetted at girls -- who really don't seem to play much of a part in the major monotheistic religions.

Its disturbing enough that there have been school shootings -- worse that there have been several in the past week. But I'd love to read about the particularly misogynistic strain of killers who pick off the girls (Linda Hirshman, this means you, I know you're not busy at home taking care of your kids so you probably have the time to write up something).

Sure makes the concern that institutional schooling is feminizing our boys seem overblown when some of these schools are death-traps for our girls.

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Dohnaughtbreeth said...

Ya, and the media didn't even bat an eye, because deliberate violence toward females just because they're female is so common.