Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feminine Angst?

Do you have that embarrassing "not so nice" feeling about men given recent headlines despite the fact that the men you've chosen to surround yourself with are wonderful, kind, humane, and supportive?

Nothing will make you feel more "fresh" than viewing one or all of the following movies:

Kill Bill, Vol, 2 has the most cathartic message and hones in on the male villians a bit more than Vol. 1. However, you'll need Vol. 1 in order to fully understand the story; Vol. 1 has its moments, like what happens to the orderly who pimps the coma patients at the hospital.

Dogville -- you'll have to be patient with this one, but if you're looking for catharsis, this will deliver.

Hard Candy -- "Was I born a cute vindictive little bitch or... did society make me that way? I go back and forth on that... "


freelearner said...

Back when Thelma & Louise came out, some feminists went around saying "We don't advocate vigilante violence!" I was like, "Really? I thought that guy had it coming."

And then about a year later I found myself on a bus full of women headed to DC for a giant pro-choice rally, and they played Thelma & Louise on the overhead monitors. When Louise fired that gun, the entire bus broke into cheering, whistling, and applause. I guess we weren't feeling very angsty that day. =)

Marjorie said...

I loved Thelma & Louise. Jeepers, hadn't those feminists ever heard of catharsis?
Thanks for your comment!

Dohnaughtbreeth said...

How sad that your list is so short. Aren't there any more movies that portray women as real human beings instead of as objects for men to fight over?

Thanks, I'll have to check out Hard Candy. I haven't watched any movies for a few years, the plots are so ridiculous nowadays.

unclimber said...

this is short because my time and memory are short, I'm sure there are many others -- the ones I've listed I've seen in the past year or so. If you find others, please share!

Marjorie said...

how could I forget? Extremities with Farrah Fawcett (her character's name is Marjorie, strangely enough). Its a 1986 movie about a woman who is attacked and attacks back.

Silvia said...

I own both Kill Bill movies. I believe they were an xmas gift from hubby. :)