Sunday, October 29, 2006

I thought Barbie was bad -

- and I've really got nothing against Barbie other than recognizing that my penchant for wearing tight clothes and my hair long and blonde is directly attributable to her.

I saw this link on a homeschooling list I read. It shows a model's evolution from being a real flesh-and-blood woman to being a billboard picture. The hair and make-up was a no brainer and I knew about the miracles of air-brushing. Years ago, I saw Jenny McCarthy on the Rosie show and she was drawing in stretch marks and pimples that had been air-brushed out of a poster for her. She ended up autographing it for Rosie. It was awesome. Anyway, I didn't realize that the beauty propagandists of today actually restructure the face, lengthen the neck, make the eyes bigger.

Guess we can all look like Disney princesses. Yay.

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