Sunday, July 03, 2005

Book List for kids -- Christianity

I'm trying to clear out my files and ran across some notes I made awhile ago. This isn't timely but I'm chucking the paper in the trash so I thought I'd preserve my notes in the blogosphere.

Giant Steps for Small Children by Kenneth Taylor
This book covers the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. Engaging illustrations. Can be read in part or in whole (my 3 year-old wanted to keep going when I offered to stop). [Ed note: that would make this list about 2 years old, the child is now 5]

God Made You Special
For Veggie Tales fans, a cute, rhyming story about God's unconditional love. For those unfamiliar with Veggie Tales characters and episodes, this is probably not a very engaging book -- nor will it make much sense.

When Jesus was Born by Maryann Dotts
Simplified nativity story emphasizing actions and feelings to which young children can relate.

Prayers for Children, Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin
A Little Golden Book classic. Beautiful illustrations accompany a collection of prayers.

Arch books from Concordia Publishing House
Extensive collection, ages 5-9, but read aloud for younger children. Includes a letter to the parents with scripture references and further information.

The First Christmas, publisher Parragon Publishing
Several stories of the birth of Jesus based on scripture, interspersed with Christmas carols. Board book format, cartoonish illustrations, 'childish' font.

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