Thursday, July 21, 2005

Exhausted by Religion

Do you ever feel that way? I've been feeling this way for many months now. I used to do a canned, fundy-ish Bible Study. I really enjoyed that, but then I began to feel too spoon-fed. And then I met people who were clearly Godly, but would have been labelled otherwise by the Bible Study I was taking.

Now I'm just tired. I feel a bit left behind by great minds such as Larry and Kwakersaur. I'm not bothered by that so much, God has given me a mind that works, so even if I'm passed by others, I have enough to get along.

I'm leading a lectionary Bible study session in a week at my church and I can't get excited about it. I can't get excited about Christianity at the moment and I'm not interested in looking for another religion. As I see it, as mucked us as the Christian church may be by political interests beginning with Constantine [or earlier], Jesus is my man. Maybe the church has him all wrong, maybe we all do, but Jesus is my man. I'm not looking to replace him with Mohammed or Buddha or Abraham or Sophia or anyone. He's my man and I'm sticking with him.

I just wish I could be more excited by all of it.


david said...

I shouldn't feel too left behind. A lot of the intellectual stuff is just spinning the wheels in a mudhole -- hots of screeching but not going anywheres.

And in case you hadn't noticed -- kwakersaur is feeling pretty exhausted too. He's hung up his summer vacation sign.

We miss you down at the scripture study BTW.

Larry said...

It happens to all of us, Marjorie. Sometimes I'm reduced to just trying to be faithful to my friends. And the more friends I have, the less possible it becomes.

We had a morale booster last night at the Gainesville meeting; 9 of us discussed a pamphlet about what a Friends' School should be.

For me mainly a matter of being comfortable with people who accept me-- actually more: some of them think I'm the cat's whiskers (I love it!), and none of them exhibit negative feelings toward me. Kind of like relaxing at home.

Anselm's Apprentice said...

Marjorie, I saw your post on the Pledge of Allegiance case over at Somerschool and wandered over to your REAL blog, and then wandered into this discussion. Here's my contribution to the state of your soul...

I've been reading just ONE verse of the Bible a day for the last few months. I'm working through Psalm 119 one verse at a time. Today's verse was, "My eyes grow dark as I strain to see Your promise fulfilled; I say, "When will You comfort me, that I may be comforted?" Ps. 119:82, Scott's Unreliable Version (SUV) translation.

I struggled for an hour with this verse, and then it dawned on me: the man who wrote this never DID see God's promises fulfilled, His eyes really did dim over in death; he really never felt the comfort he cried out for. That's because the promise was Jesus, and the comfort was the Gospel. I suddenly grasped how MUCH I have to be grateful for, right this minute!

Marjorie said...

Thanks, Scott, for sharing that with me. I definitely need to get back to reading the Bible. There is so much wisdom and comfort and love in it.