Saturday, September 11, 2004

The pun that won't go away

I was reading some of Larry's commentary on Church History and was inspired to get some books from the library about The People Called Quakers (an actual title). Unfortunately, I have this pun in my head that won't go away:

I'm not a Quaker, but I'm a friend of a Friend.

hahahahahaha. Sorry.

Speaking of Friends, I'm enjoying Ken's blog as well.


Ken Bradstock said...

Actually, you're a friend of 2 Friends - It was indeed a terrible pun but also funny. Thanks for the link. By the way there's some really interesting reading out there by and about Quakers. If you want to read about a real flake see if you can locate "The Man in the Leather Briches" I don't remember the author but the book is a biography of George Fox the founder of te Society of Friends. George was sort of umm- whacked.

Marjorie said...

You crack me up! I can't imagine a meeting of the Friends being silent very long when the few I've met have such great senses of humor.
Thanks for the book recommendation -- I did see a mention of Fox's leather shorts in one of my books and didn't really get it... Must be really hard to stitch through leather.

Larry said...

Speaking of silent Quakers: well, Sparky, like every other group there are quiet Quakers and noisy Quakers. I'm very much in the second category; I don't know about Ken. I frequently tell people that I preach every Sunday, rarely over 3 minutes-- the appropriate length of a sermon.

Being a liberated parent I thought you might be interest in this:
When he was six young William Blake went off to school. He hadn't been there long when the schoolmaster began to birch someone. With no ado William got up and marched out of the school--ending his formal education. (Of course he became about the most erudite man of his century!)

Here's another one: at about 12 his father proposed apprenticing him to the Queen's engraver (which of course involved a princely sum of money), but the child objected on the basis of Ryland's looks; he told his father that he thought the man would live to be hanged. Sure enough 12 years later he was hanged for forgery.

Formal education is poison; I feel sure you can do better. I suggest being very permissive.