Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My Bedroom Fantasy

My DH encouraged me to post this, sick puppy.

My bedroom fantasy begins with my awakening to see the walls a cheery, pale shade of yellow, one that coordinates with my bedspread. There is a border along the top of the walls, magnolias, perhaps even stenciled. I know borders are passe, but I've never been one to be a slave to trends. As I blink my eyes for a clearer look, I realize that my bedroom has expanded, and there is now room enough to fit furnishings other than those cast off my former law school roommates -- maybe even a dresser with a mirror on it. And closets, walk-in, for both me and my DH. Except that I've taken his so he's still stuck using the closet in the den.

Of course, my ultimate bedroom fantasy involves me sleeping in my bed, undisturbed, until 8 a.m. I wake and find that my children have been fed and dressed (and their outfits don't clash --my DH is color-blind, he's selected some very interesting outfits in the past) and are ready to accompany me on the outing of my choice.

UPDATE: Sorry for that, it was in questionable taste. Just an attempt at humor and to see if would increase hits to this blog. Oh, I never put that sitemeter up...guess thats why I keep getting reports that no one is reading this blog. Well, its a good dose of humility.

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