Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Loosing Teeth

Suzanne, 5 and 5 months, just lost her second tooth today. It didn't fall out, I pulled it out amidst much 'complaint.' Her adult tooth had grown up behind it and I kept waiting for it to fall out. I asked many people for their opinions and went with the advice to wait it out and encourage her to wiggle the baby tooth.

Every evening before I brushed her teeth, she'd tell me that she wiggled it. I think by 'wiggled' she meant she touched it, because that thing was not progressing but for my aggressive wiggling once a day during which she would wail and scream. Her father, from another room, suggested that I leave it alone. I kept muttering about $60 for a dentist to yank the thing and refused. After weeks of this routine, it is finally over. As I felt the tooth give a bit this evening, I was spurred on to finish the hideous task. What a relief.

Just to check, I wiggled some of her other teeth. Great -- the tops ones are loose. I just hope they act as the first tooth did, it fell out when were were unaware of it. Otherwise, I'm auditioning for a horror movie.

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