Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Harvest Home

I'm a bit tired of the whole Thanksgiving rigamarole (the crowds, the traffic, the stress, the whole dysfunctional family thing), but I've enjoyed reading this book to my daughter and I learned a lot about the history of harvest home feasts. I found a richness that I hadn't in the typical American story of Pilgrams and Indians.

Unfortunately, I've recently developed a friendship with someone who is opening my eyes a bit more than I wanted -- not unfortunate to have such a friend, just unfortunate because I was so enjoying my slumber. Anyway, reading about what happens in poultry slaughterhouses does put a bit of a cloud over the feast. Well, this was foreseeable, I knew Thich Nhat Hanh's angry chicken theory wasn't going to leave me alone.(1)

Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and I'm passing along a link that I received from a good friend with a great sense of humor!

(1) See Anger by Thich Nhat Hanh, below is an excerpt, taken from this website

Nowadays, chickens are raised in large-scale modern farms where they cannot walk, run, or seek food in the soil. They are fed solely by humans. They are kept in small cages and cannot move at all. Day and night they have to stand. Imagine that you have no right to walk or to run. Imagine that you have to stay day and night in just one place. You would become mad. So the chickens become mad.

....There is a lot of anger, a lot of frustration, and much suffering in the chickens. They express their anger and frustration by attacking the chickens next to them....

So when you eat the flesh or egg of such a chicken, you are eating anger and frustration. So be aware. Be careful what you eat. If you eat anger, you will become and express anger. If you eat despair, you will express despair. If you eat frustration, you will express frustration.

The ultimate point was that if you are not a vegetarian, at least seek out organic, free-range poultry that lived more freely and therefore were not angry.


Larry said...

Good post, Marjorie. That chicken theory is something to think about. I care for it less and less; unfortunately Ellie is really partial to it.

Of course we had the usual bird at our (Quaker meeting) Thanksgiving bash. I like the dressing more than the meat.

Thanks for coming back to our Bible group. I've been reviewing the first three months of my blogs, and I discover that you were the primary commenter, very often the only one. Without your support I probably would have given it up.

Now it's one of my chief pastimes and pleasures, so you have a real star in your crown there.

Marjorie said...

Hello Larry, thanks for your comment!

I'm glad I encouraged you when you started your blog. I know I love it when I get comments, so I try to be supportive of others. I haven't been by in awhile because I'm often intellectually overwhelmed over there, but I think you've quite a following.

Best to you always!