Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fairies and Fat Men

The link in my last post reminded me to update my readers regarding my outlook on the tooth fairy.

Since Suzanne actually lost her first tooth, there was nothing to put under the pillow. She never asked about the tooth fairy and I thought, phew, dodged a bullet. But later, I figured out she really would like a visit from the TF and just thought she couldn't get one. I told her the TF would visit if she wanted, so that night, I put a little magnetic chess set under her pillow. In the morning, she asked where I got the chess set and how I got it under her pillow. So, she clearly understands that the TF is a story and the real giver is mom.

This time, she put the tooth under her pillow and I asked what she wanted. "A paper doll, one of the ones that I made." Wow, I'm getting off cheap.

As to Santa -- he's not my favorite guy and I'm not playing up the myth by telling her stories pretending that he's real. I'll treat him as any other mythology -- isn't it a neat story? Plus a lot of historical background. I tried telling her only nativity stories in years past and then I hear her telling her sister about Santa's reindeer. I don't even know where she learned it. Oh well, as long as I emphasize that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ, if she wants to talk Santa to others, fine.

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