Monday, February 28, 2005

Good-Bye AOL

Several months ago, we got broadband service for internet access. Packaged with this service is MSN. Since I was stressed about learning MSN during the holiday season, we kept our AOL account -- well, its time to cut the strings (and save $25 a month) so we are cancelling our AOL account. If you are having trouble contacting me via an e-mail address saved on your computer, please use the e-mail on blogger or simply comment on my blog and it will get to me.

By the way, as a follow-up to my DSL Hell posts in December, we loaded a free copy of Spybot and have not had any problems with pop-ups, or with anything we wanted being blocked.


clanlally said...

Did I ever ask if you guys wanted a gmail account or two?

Joe G. said...

Not to worry: all will be well without AOL.

Trust me!

Many of us have been using other ISP's for years. :) Have fun with your new DSL connection. I love mine!