Friday, February 04, 2005


A great description of my primary homeschooling technique, strewing, can be found here. Actually, this need not be confined to homeschoolers but can be used by anyone who'd like to suggest a book to read or an activity to do without suggesting it, good for the fiercely independent child who doesn't want to be told what to do.

Eventually I hope to have a bit more structure, but strewing seems to be the method that works best for us now.

Tech Support: Okay, I have no idea how trackback works, do I use that for the link instead of the page's url which is what I usually cut and paste for my links? Let's try the trackback here.


Anne Zelenka said...

What a great idea. I have unconsciously used that for Henry and it works a lot better than actually suggesting that he read something.

About trackbacks: A trackback URL is not used as a simple link, like you have done here. It is used to make a link from the post you are interested in (i.e., the one about strewing on "Here in the Bonny Glen") back to your post so that people who read her post see that there is a followup on someone else's blog.

I don't know how you send a trackback ping from blogger, but in typepad there is a text box where you put in the trackback URL. Then when you save the post, typepad sends a ping to that address and voila! that other post references your post under "trackbacks."

Not sure if that makes sense... I had to actually make a trackback before I fully understood it.

Marjorie said..., I don't fully get it and I'm not sure if blogger can do that -- though I have seen reference to this mystical thing called ping. I know we on blogger can't do trackbacks for our posts, but I don't know if that precludes us from being listed in a trackback. Not that this post should be listed, but it is nifty to see the trackbacks listed on other people's blogs.