Thursday, August 26, 2004


Okay, I'm having some blogger problems -- minor ones, mind you, I don't know enough to have big problems.

My first problem was getting links on my sidebar. I went to blogger help and found the answer I needed, which is to cut and paste some code into my template. I did this but still no links section on my sidebar. Perhaps I added the code in the wrong place. I decided it might be easier to change to a template that already had an established link section on the sidebar. Looking through the templates, very few seemed to have these but I found one and changed my template, thus the new look of my page. Interestingly, my sidebar moved from the right of the screen to the left -- I wonder if this has spiritual implications? In order to link with others, I must move to the left...

ANYWAY, my next projects include trying to truncate my posts so that only the first couple of paragraphs show with a link to the rest of the post. Blogger help calls these 'expandable post summaries.' I've printed out their help section for this and hope I am more successful with cutting and pasting on this issue. I know the code needs to be added within the style section and I think I've located it on my current template [I couldn't find an exact match on my last template, Thisaway Rose]. Now, I only need to paste it in the proper place -- where within the style sheet? At the end of it is my guess. Perhaps you can tell I'm a lawyer by training and former profession, I can't follow a simple directive without generating umpteen questions about it.

I would also like to see if I can add categories -- my blog is all over the place and I realize that some readers might only be interested in my ramblings on certain topics. Again, this might be an easy task for some, but I feel confident that I'll be able to turn it into a huge problem.

Happy reading -- hope you like the new look. I miss the pink.

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