Thursday, August 26, 2004

Tech Support III

Grrr...I'm back to Thisaway Rose. I've decided I would rather have recent posts listed on my sidebar than links. I think either can be added to my template and it looks like its less involved to add links. Plus, I've figured out how to put links within each post, so that will suffice my need to link to others for the moment.

I don't see anything in Blogger help that indicates I can assign posts to categories and I haven't seen any categories listed in any of the templates. Perhaps I'll check out other people's blogs on blogspot to see if I can find someone who did it.

Of course, I think I lost all the truncating work I did when I was with the Sand Dollar template. I hope that since I've done it once, I can do it again...

Happy trails, I'm off to a homeschool conference this weekend, sans kids -- hows that for irony!


Anne Zelenka said...

Now that I've been blogging for a couple months, I'm less enchanted with categories than I was at first. The great thing about blogs is their present-moment focus. Once people begin reading regularly, they are not going to spend much time, if any, on the archives. I rarely visit a blog's archives through their categories. I just hop right in and if I like what's currently being written, I add it to the list of blogs I regularly visit.

Hope you will post something about the homeschooling conference; I'm very interested to hear how it went.

Marjorie said...

I see your point about the categories issue. I know I read your blog by the recent posts, though when I first started reading it, I think I did skip around and read in categories first, until I'd read the whole thing. Actually, it was DH who got me thinking I needed categories, he's less interested in all the "God stuff" and more interested in posts along the lines of Eulogy for a Duck. Ah well, we all have our own paths to take!

Anne Zelenka said...

I guess if you really like a particular blogger, you will go through their archives. I am going through yours, now that I've discovered that you started blogging in July (can't believe you didn't tell me, but I understand!)

What I like best is creating threads on my blog for a particular topic by linking back to old posts from current ones. It feels a little autistic to be spending so much time linking to my own blog but it works for me.

Anyway, shouldn't DH read your blog EVERY DAY? I always get upset when my DH asks me about something that's been asked and answered, in my blog!