Friday, July 30, 2004

Eulogy for a duck

His life was full of sunshine and children playing.  He always looked happy and serene.  He brought us joy and inspired generosity in us to share him with others that they might also know joy.  Unfortunately, it was this generosity which lead to his violent death.  He didn't deserve to die this way, head feathers punctured by a rough little boy.  But, we must remember his long, joyful life and not dwell on his death.

He joined us three years ago, I believe.  He was always willing to help, always buoyant.  He even propped me up when I was large with child.  Oh, how I loved that duck.  The children loved him as well, they always wanted to play with him -- sometimes it even caused them to fight with one another.  And still, he remained unflappable, willing to spend time with whomever would have him.  Willing to go where they would take him, but always returning to us.

We shall miss him -- he wasn't our first and he won't be our last, but he was special and we loved him.

Farewell, sweet Duckie, may you ever float in the great beyond.


Eric Jensen said...

Alternative title: Requiem for a Featherweight

Marjorie said...

Hey there, JayDEE, be sure you include a link to your blog the next time you post!