Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Intentions

So, I've been thinking I should follow up on this since I said I would. But then I thought that I really have only one intention and that is to bring more balance to my life.

Our lives are pretty busy these days. My kids are still very young 5 1/2 and 3 and we spend most of our week socializing. I occasionally feel I should be 'teaching' more or something. Our days include hanging out -- lots of free time while I putter around doing household chores or a yoga tape. Meanwhile the kids play with each other or separately or get out some materials and do art work. Suzanne spends a lot of time reading or otherwise looking at books. Gabrielle has started spending more time looking at books. I love reading to my kids but Gabrielle is still a bit difficult and will often whine while I try to read to Suzanne. Its frustrating. I've made it very clear to Gabrielle that I don't expect her to sit and listen while I read if she does not want. She may play quietly or go elsewhere and play more loudly. Still, she interrupts. However, sometimes I can read a quick book or two. I hope that it is a phase but I also have to figure how how to deal with a dd who is maybe not so literary and more activity based.

I'd also like to balance out my emotions so that I don't react so much to the frustration and impatience I often feel.

The only other clear area I'd mention with regard to balance is the holiday season. We had a great holiday, but it was too busy and overwhelming -- I'd like to calm that down a bit and enjoy things more. I look forward to reading more of Stephanie's posts about the holidays.

Namaste -- or as my brother-in-law says "you're nasty."

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