Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Year's Intentions

I've blogged before about New Year's Resolutions and how I don't make them. As in so many other aspects of my life, I am changing my tune a bit. There are some things I'd like to change or improve or work on.

I'm taking yoga more seriously these days, as in, I'm appreciating more than simply the exercise aspect of it. Its not a religion, but I think that the focus it helps me cultivate might help me to be more religious or spiritual. As such, I've started subscribing to Yoga Journal on-line e-newsletters. The one I received recently really speaks to my condition. It talks about intentions rather than resolutions -- to this I can relate probably because I feel that any resolution is destined to fail.

I've never really been goal-oriented, or at least no more so than a vague idea that I'd like to be a lawyer or a mother or a homeschooler. I think my goal-avoidance is mainly the result of how I was raised. My parents specifically stated time and again the importance of enjoying and appreciating life and emphasized the point that there will always be goals and that if life is all about pursuit of goals, its easy to forget to enjoy attaining a goal because another goal just moves in -- nature abhors a vacuum, lets say. But I don't judge those who have goals -- I admire them because it also reflects a purpose and a discipline. I guess a second reason for my goal-avoidance is because I doubt my ability to predict where life is headed and I have no interest in trying -- it would spoil the fun for me. What is that saying, angels laugh at our plans? I guess I think of plans and goals as the same.

However, I do have a series of intentions that have been brewing in my head and it seems timely to write them down at the New Year. I imagine I'll be sharing them in another post.

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Anne Zelenka said...

I liked that article a lot. I'm still going to do New Year's resolutions, though. I love goal setting even when nothing comes of it. Makes me feel so excited about the future.