Thursday, May 12, 2005

What's A Homeschooler To Do?

I'm thinking of enrolling Suzanne in a co-op at the local megachurch, of which I am not a member.

I'm an unschooler at heart and its working well so far, but Suzanne really likes the structure of "class" and enjoys Sunday school. I think she'd enjoy being in the co-op and since she would be starting kindergarten this Fall if she were attending school, it would be something for her to be excited about starting.

The co-op meets once a week for a couple of hours and consists of gym time, story-time, craft time, and a (non-Bible) lesson. From what I've heard, it does not involve Bible verse memorization or anything overtly Christian. The co-op is for Christians and I don't think is open to non-Christians (though I am not sure that they even ask -- I have not been asked though I have a friend in the co-op, so maybe they've asked her about me). This bothers me, but I'm really interested in this program. While I don't agree with excluding non-Christians, should I decline to join the group because of this policy? Wouldn't I then be excluding them? How can one be 'inclusive', which I am, and then exclude someone?

Is it better to avoid people who think like this -- fearing and disliking them? Or is it better to get to know them -- to like them and appreciate them as people and try to understand why they think the way they do?


clanlally said...

Are they fundamentalist freaks? That is, do they ACTIVELY exclude people? Or do they just not have the capacity to accomodate people of a non-Christianity-based belief structure? And, if it isnt a bible lesson, then what is the hubbub about? It sounds like there has to be some Christian indoctrination in there somewhere. To me at least. But I also think the CIA killed Kennedy.

Marjorie said...

I'm hearing some fear in your comment, Mike. I get your gist, but what is a 'freak'? They are fundamentalist. What is actively excluding? All churches exclude -- ever been to a Catholic church? Oh, I guess YOU can take communion/mass there, I can't. I am excluded by them.

The hubbub probably is more about use of the (rather large) facility; perhaps the co-op group is contrained by the rules of the church.

Indoctrination is everywhere --even among the non-doctrinal. Say it again with me, indoctrination is everywhere. Thats right...even here.


clanlally said...

No, no. No fear. Maybe I misread the post. Freak=neo-conservative, bible-misusing, right wing, fanatical a$$h013. :) You get no argument from me on my Catholic brethren. Was really just asking the question of why isnt it open to non-Christians in my typical, long winded way. :)

Anne Zelenka said...

Sounds like something that would meet your needs, and Suzanne's, quite well. Maybe you can give it a try and see how it goes. Of course, Suzanne will probably love it, so it might be hard to drop out if you do find something you don't like.

Marjorie said...

Hey, Mike, I was just teasing you and trying on my 'mindfulness' hat, it doesn't fit all that well and tends to be a bit askew.

Anne, I think you're right that it would be a good fit. The exclusion aspect bothers me but I'm also bothered by turning tail and running scared. I tend to be extreme ("tend"?), so I'm trying to even out a bit and appreciate the differences and build bridges -- if only in myself.