Thursday, October 06, 2005

To Require Word Verification or Not? That is the Question

I've noticed that blogger has given us the option of requiring commentors to pass a word verification quiz in order to prove our humanity. I have resisted this. I'm not too thrilled when I run across it on other blogs, but its never stopped me from commenting. And its always nice to find something in my comment notification in-box.

Well, I'm getting a little sick of the ad comments -- its a pain to delete them, more so on unclimber because the template is not as easy to work with. Its not too bad yet, I only get a few ads a day. I note that the ads have gotten a lot better, they seem to tie-in to the subject of the post much better now.

However, sometimes they miss big time. For instance, I still post now and then on chocolate and peanut butter when I've got a more purely parenting post as opposed to a homeschooling/education/parenting post. I recently did a post on Booh Bah over there and what was the ad that was posted in the comments? It was for a product that has not yet been advertised on unclimber or elsewhere on choc&pb. It was for a penis enlargement product. I found this very funny, since the post was about a children's show and I noted how my 5 year-old is terrified of Booh Bah. What was the ad trigger? Does some crawler or whatever look for the words "terrified" and "child" and say 'whoa, boy, here's just the spot to put the penis enlargement ad!'

Now I kind of wish I'd left it there.

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H. Stallard said...

Not me! No one’s going to get a free ride on my blog unless they are friends. The first time I got one of those ads, I went straight for the throat with the Word Verification thing.