Friday, October 29, 2004

What Game is Your Life?

When my husband worked as an associate in litigation for a law firm, he told me his job felt a bit like playing the amusement park game Whack-A-Mole. That game involves holding a large, soft mallet while electronic 'moles' emerged from various holes. The quicker you whacked them, the higher your score.

Today, I'm feeling a bit like the game Asteroids -- these young children keep coming at me from various sides and I have to stay alive.

I imagine PacMan would describe how a lot of people feel -- I was wondering if it might describe DH's current job, at least the part about being chased around by ghosts.

Anyway, I was just wondering what game your life feels like. This is not limited to Gen Xers who might be more familiar with arcade games, if a board game describes your life, tell me about it.


david said...

Remember the children's schoolyard game Mother May I?

"Mother may I take four hundred and thirty-two baby steps forward?"

"No you may not."

But the nice thing about life. Is there's more than one game. Sometimes you play Poker. Other times you play chess. Sometimes its Dodgeball.

Anonymous said...

Chutes and Ladders comes to mind...the ups and downs of trying to get ahead. Hmmmm--probably not a favorite of the unclimber. ;) --Julie